Welcome Back!

After a few months debating and evaluating how we wanted to proceed with the QA Codex structure and design we’ve determined the wiki format just didn’t work. Instead we’ve opt’d to go with a standard blob / article design that emphasizes articles, opinions, discussions, linking, how-tos, and general knowledge.

The idea for the QA Codex was born out of the general looseness of information, standardization, misconceptions, and lack of knowledge and how to documents. Far to often Software Quality Assurance is thought of as an after thought in the development process, that there isn’t anything to it, that any old warm body and click some buttons and make sure something works. But for those of us with experience in QA know there’s so much more to it than that. A LOT MORE.

With that in mind we felt a community driven indie site would be a great centralized point to connect and piece together information regarding QA, QA Tools, and Automation! Now that we’ve got our design and structuring down its time to begin the long process of adding and creating content for the QA Codex. And hopefully, a few years from now QA Codex will be a rich collection of QA information used by thousands to increase their QA Skills and get involved in the awesome world of Software Quality Assurance!


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